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Collaber on Web :

  • Collaboration made easy! With the newly released web version of Collaber, manage your projects easily.
  • Maintain a single account for desktop and web versions of collaber.
  • Already have Collaber Desktop account? Login here
  • Sign up and start managing your projects.


I am thrilled with the product. It is IMO siginicantly better than Groove in all the ways that matter to me. Wonderful software, congratualtions to the people who have written it.

- David

Excellent collaboration software! The tools in Collaber are really awesome. Even though I have very unreliable Internet connection, Collaber manages it well, I never faced a problem in synchronization of data.

- Aldrin

You have a great collaboration tool here, which looks much better than Groove 2007. Keep it together and we'll see you on the NYSE.

- Eric Peterson

Collaber Server

  • Maintain your own dedicated server.
  • Maintain your own private network.
  • Secure access though https.
  • Works on Intranets and Extranets.
  • Have all your data securely in your own server.
  • Works on any Java based OS.
  • Start your virtual office now!
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